Pearls with AAA quality status are rarely found in typical retail jewelry stores and are usually only found in very high-end jewelry locations. AAA quality pearls are typically accompanied by a superior level of mirror luster.


A pearl's luster, or its natural shine, is one of the key factors in determining a pearl's beauty and overall grade. Pearls are said to have exceptional luster when the reflections are bright and sharp. Pearls of the highest quality often times exhibit a mirror-like finish, especially when seen in natural sunlight. The importance of a pearl's luster and how it contributes to a pearl's beauty cannot be overstated. 


Nacre thickness is an important factor when measuring a pearl's quality. Radiance Pearl is committed to offering pearls that consist of very thick nacre coatings. In truth, most governments set a minimum nacre thickness of 0.8mm to prevent low quality pearls from being exported from the country. Furthermore, all pearls are x-rayed and evaluated to ensure that they meet the strict nacre standards of their particular region. Therefore, all pearls on the retail market have already been approved of this standard. All pearls used by Radiance Pearl have undergone these inspections to ensure that they are of the highest quality.